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10 Restaurants, 48 hours.

10 Restaurants, 48 hours.

We came, we saw, we ate (too many) donuts. What started as an innocent trip to visit clients and try some new restaurants ended up being an illict love affair with Five Daughters Bakery.

Let's back up to a simpler time, before we realized we live five hours away from said bakery. Here our 48 hour guide to where to eat in Nashville RIGHT NOW.


Five Daughters Bakery for sweet and Biscuit Love for savory.  

Take a cheat day, embrace the carbs. Pro tip: the line at Biscuit Love in the Gulch can get out of hand, so head to the Hillsboro Village location for less of a wait.

What we ate: The Chocolate Sea Salt donut at Five Daughters was Ellen's favorite, while Spencer opted for the Blueberry Lavender. At Biscuit Love, we went with the obvious: biscuits and gravy. Note: Ellen is a Kentucky bred southerner who grew up on biscuits and gravy, so she have a has bar for these things. She gave it two thumbs up.


No trip to Nashville is complete without some hot chicken, and lunch is the perfect meal to get this off your list. You'll have plenty of time to go towel yourself off back in your hotel room. Our pick is the classic Prince’s Hot Chicken, but you really can’t go wrong with Hattie B’s or Party Fowl.

We also may have stopped by the Pastaria Nashville pop-up at OneC1ty and eaten pizza. Don't judge us.


Cocktail Hour

Cheers—let’s drank! Head to the rooftop of the Thompson Hotel for drinks, bites, and a great view of downtown. Get there early before it gets too crowded.


With a limited amount of time in Nashville, we did what any reasonable hungry person would do: had ourselves a progressive dining experience through Germantown.

We started off at the acclaimed Barista Parlor, where fueled up on A+ coffee, then moseyed down the street to the beautiful Butchertown Hall for beverages of the alcoholic variety. Once that tab was paid, we headed to Henrietta Red for a couple small plates and oysters (hello, Kumamoto!), then on to City House for more small plates and their incredible pizza. Seriously, if you haven't tried the pizza, GO NOW. You're welcome.

Appropriately stuffed, we rolled down the street to the always vibrant 5th and Taylor for drinks and schmoozing on their patio.

If we hadn't gorged ourselves, we would have headed somewhere for live music, but, alas, we will have to save that for our next trip. 

*This post was dictated from a treadmill.

-Team Olio




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