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10 Ways to Get The Most Out of LouFest

10 Ways to Get The Most Out of LouFest

If you haven't been able to tell from our onslaught of blog posts, videos, and social media postings, we're pretty excited for this year's LouFest. 

We're not just the official app of the festival—we're alt-rock junkies excited to show off our home city to all the newcomers to the Fest. We've put together our guide for how to do LouFest weekend in St. Louis like a boss—Olio City style.

Where to stay

Which neighborhoods for an Airbnb.

Central West End, Clayton, University City.

All of these are Metro Link accessible and, depending on your location, walking distance to bars and restaurants. The Central West End is our top pick since it's within walking distance of the festival (and it's close to Brasserie and Taste—two of our favorite spots). 


The Cheshire: Ground Zero for all things LouFest, The Cheshire is in walking distance to Forest Park, has three bars/restaurants, and a pool for chilling before heading to the festival. They'll also be hosting themed brunches and after parties for both days of LouFest.


Union Station: The hotel, located in the heart of downtown, went through a massive renovation that has made it something truly special. It boasts a large bar with a 3D immersive light show on its ceiling and walls. It's also a great location if you're planning to come early or stay late for a Cardinals game.


Moonrise Hotel: The Delmar Loop is one of the most happening streets in St. Louis, full of bars, restaurants, fun shops, and the iconic Moonrise Hotel. The hotel’s rooftop bar is perfect for chilling post-festival and is also accessible via Metrolink.

5 Can’t Miss FnB Experiences

It’s no secret the Nosh Pit is full of local gems of the STL food scene. So if you never eat outside of the fest, you are still in great shape, but if you want to get your inner foodie on, don’t miss these spots. Include links to our write-ups? Or little blurbs on why and what to get?

Brunch: Reeds American Table

Some of the all-stars of the local restaurant scene came together and had a restaurant baby. Its name is Reeds, and it's got strong cocktails and even stronger food. Try the bacon fat-friend cornbread. Read more.

Runner Up: Half & Half and Southwest Diner


Coffee: Comet Coffee

Comet has a philosophy around attention to detail, and it shows in everything they do, whether it be coffee or their best-in-town croissants. Read more.

Runner up: Kaldi’s (also available at the festival)

Sandwiches: Blues City Deli

Fancy, step aside, this is a finger lickin’ type of place where you won’t think twice about getting a little messy. Read more.

Runner up: Pickles Deli

After Fest bites and drinks: Taste

A combination of inventive small plates in a sexy atmosphere with a list of craft cocktails that’s a mile long. Read more.

Runner Up: Pi Pizza (multiple locations)


Get your party on

Saturday: Talayna’s

Some nights, you just want to dance your face off until 3 a.m. in a slightly seedy nightclub filled with disco balls. On those nights, you come to Talayna’s. Read more.

Sunday: Pepper Lounge

If it’s after midnight and you still feel like a party, this is your spot; it’s one of the best 3 a.m. bars in town. Admittedly, we’ve never been here sober, so take that as a clue maybe you shouldn’t either. Read more.

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