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The 12 Days of Olio

The 12 Days of Olio

We couldn’t think of a better way to give back to our amazing users AND showcase some of the best local makers and businesses than our first annual 12 days of Olio giveaway!

Here’s how it works: every other day between December 1 and December 23rd we will profile one of our favorite local businesses and give away their products to one lucky Olio user. We'll be running these giveaways through our Instagram and Facebook, so be sure to stay tuned so you don't miss out on a chance to win some FABULOUS local loot.

Day 10: Sugarfire Pie

SugarfirePie (1 of 5).jpg

You know who doesn't love pie? People who are untrustworthy. Sugarfire Pie's Carolyn Downs has been recognized by food critics at every significant St. Louis publication as one of the most talented and innovative pastry and desert chefs in the region. We're giving away a WHOLE PIE! Yep, your dreams have come true. And with all the amazing and ever changing flavors that Sugarfire has, you know you'll find something to please the whole fam.

Day 9: Martin Goebel Cutting Board

Goebel Cutting Board (2 of 4).jpg

Who wouldn't want a custom made end-grain cutting board, made out of some nice cherry? We teamed up with local woodworker Martin Goebel to help you impress friends and family with one damn fine cutting board. It's nice enough to be used as a display for charcuterie and cheese around the holidays, or even as a classy place to put your finest bottle of whiskey.

Day 8: Frankly Sausages

Frankly_120717 (4 of 10).jpg

There's nothing that we love more than a sausage party. Err...Frankly on Cherokee is the brick and mortar location of the incredibly popular Frankly Sausages food truck. Chef Bill Cawthon takes his classical training and uses it to make casual, quick bites that are, frankly, amazing. There's usually 3-4 shareable plates, 8-10 sausage options, desserts, and AMAZING cheese fries. Hours are still limited, but you'll want to get down here sooner than later.

Day 7: STL Style House

STLStyle (1 of 17).jpg

If you're looking for St. Louis inspired art, clothing, and more, STL Style House is the place to go. These aren't corny tourist shirts, these are hand-made, locally-designed fun shirts—lots of jokes that only STL residents would get. We're giving away their signature City of St. Louis poster, which we believe every resident should own.

Day 6: Sutton Lasater Jewelery


What started as a project re-purposing vintage jewelry has become a full-fledged custom jewelry brand by local Sutton Lasater. Her work has been featured in just about every local magazine and continues to quickly expand around the country. If you're looking for trendy yet classic style, quality product, and hand made jewelry design, look no further than Sutton Lasater Jewelry.


Day 5: Strange Donuts

 Image courtesy of Strange Donuts

Image courtesy of Strange Donuts

Okay, enough of that healthy stuff and back to that good good. Everyone in St. Louis knows what Strange Donuts is. Besides the tasty dones, we love that this business started as a passion project for two friends and has continued to grow. Not only are they always supporting local charities and businesses, but they've given a number of local artists the opportunity to have their work featured on posters, shirts, and more. We're giving away a dozen dones of your choosing PLUS a bag of their special Strange Brew coffee.

Day 4: Shred415


When people ask us how we're not morbidly obese, we lie and say we just eat in moderation. We do not. We have no self control. That's where Shred415 comes in—spend an hour in this mixed circuit class and you'll find yourself sweating off the calories in no time. And, once you're done with class, you can walk to Mai Lee next door for a healthy (or...not) post-workout meal!

Day 3: LouFest!

This is a big one, folks—it’s two giveaways in one. Not only are you getting the official poster of LouFest 2017 by local artist David Rygiol, but you’re also getting two GA passes to LouFest 2018! That’s right: you get art for your wall and music for your ears. This is way better than anything Santa is bringing you.

David Rygiol is an illustrator, typographer and designer currently working in St. Louis. He’s done work for some of our favorite local businesses, including Porano Pasta, Vista Ramen, and Banner Road Granola. He’s also behind Type Hike, a collaborative non-profit design project that celebrates and supports the outdoors though typography.

LouFest is St. Louis’ biggest and best music festival. But you already knew that.

Day 2: Glow Candle Co. Candles


The perfect gift for just about anyone with a sense of smell. Unique fragrances and a stylish design make these candles a must-have. We're giving away The Holiday Bundle, made up of The Saint Nic (pine, fir, balsam) and Aspen Embers (cedar, smoke, pine).  “All summer I burned the Heirloom Tomato scent, and the Aspen Ember from the Holiday collection is currently burning in my house." - Olio Founder Ellen Prinzi.

About the Maker: Owner/creator Natalie Van Hee started Glow Candle co. back in 2014 and works out of her Lafayette Square studio. All candles are hand-poured in small batches, made with cotton wicks and 100% soy wax to allow for a 70+ hour burn time. “Scent is unique to each person, but my hopes are that I have created a fragrance line that just about anyone will love,” says Van Hee. You can purchase online at www.glowcandleco.com or follow her on Facebook and Instagram.

Our Favorites: Mediterranean Fig and Lemon & Lavender

Day 1: David Stine Woodworking Cutting Board

Where some see a cutting board, we see endless opportunity. This custom, handmade cutting board from David Stine Woodworking is more than just a platform for chopping onions. It's a beautiful display for fine cheeses and charcuterie when you have guests. You could use it as your own personal plate so the rest of the family knows who the boss is. Heck, you could hang it on the wall and just call it art. 

The cutting board is 20.5" x 11", made out of walnut, cherry, and sycamore from Dave Stine's farm in Dow, IL. 

About the Maker: Dave Stine is the fourth generation to steward his family’s 500 wooded acres in rural Illinois, where he sustainably harvests and mills the lumber he uses in his work. Every piece is handcrafted. If you're interested in a piece of furniture, you can visit the David Stine Woodworking website here.

Follow Dave Stine Woodworking on Instagram and Facebook

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